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Installing a customized access control system at your business, residential or industrial complexes in Atlanta, GA, is a good method to monitor all movements and activities happening in your organization at any given time. At Access Control Atlanta GA we offer a wide assortment of access control products – each with their own particular advantages – guaranteeing that we can address various needs of our clients. We have great experience in designing, installing, and ensuring access control and safety systems at most of the secure and touchy offices on the planet. We know that you should have the capacity to depend on your access control framework to work effectively and constantly for the years to come, which is the reason we take extraordinary consideration to just offer the longest lasting and damage resisting products possible. Moreover, we offer repair services to all clients. Access control systems are getting more popular in well-known institution supervisors and give an answer to some huge scale tenancy issues. They are unimaginably flexible and can be custom fitted to address individual issues, therefore, assisting in reducing regular risks and preventing crime.

Confinement of Certain Areas

There is no business that gives its employees full access to every one of the offices. With an access control system in place, the organization can control who can access a particular office.

Hard to Duplicate

It is less demanding to have an access control system as compared to a lost key, all that is required is changing the codes and dropping access of any lost key card, which can be reinstated later.

Goes Beyond Standard Doors

Access control can be utilized with something other than opening doors. You can utilize such innovation to open barriers, gates, and mechanized fences. This will keep off any intruder from your working environment, making it more secure for everyone.

Helps Protect Valuables

On the event that you have any resources in your business that can bring simple and fast cash in the street, you should ensure it is safe in the office used for storing.

Tuscaloosa Access Control Systems

Access Control Tuscaloosa

In case that any of your employees choose to use their key card for the wrong reason and take these resources, you will be in a situation to realize who precisely did that as these frameworks can be overseen from any PC that is associated with your system. But with the normal key, it will be difficult to know who accessed the office and did the stealing.

Permits multi-location access

This is a superior solution than having numerous physical traditional keys for various workplaces for each worker. Any worker who is registered with the system can access any office that he is authorized to in an organization branch or department as long as he/she has a unique identification code.

Help save energy and cost

These frameworks have the ability to tell you the particular zones of the organization should be lit, warmed or cooled at a particular time. This will help save money on energy costs since you will abstain from warming or cooling any room that shouldn’t be.

Effectively Record History of Entry

Aside from having the capacity to revoke any privileges that accompany your workers’ keycard, access control systems additionally record and store data with respect to everybody who comes into the building. Electronic access control gives the most effective and helpful method for securing your building and resources. Introducing an access control framework implies that you will never need to change a lock again. Turning off ID Cards or Pin Codes won’t permit access through the controlled doors. Access control also controls users access privileges. For instance, all staff can get entrance through the primary entryway of a building however access to certain offices might be confined to the individuals who have a particular need to be there. Access may likewise be limited by time, just conceding access to specific users at specific times of the day or night.

Our Access Control Systems offer Visitor Analytics and Management Systems: It is necessary that you continuously monitor visitors coming in and leaving your premises or facility. It is also important that you have data about their whereabouts in their entire stay at the premise.

Biometrics Security: Biometric systems authenticates and give access to your building or business premises by integrating individual user physical characteristics.

Magnetic locks Door Access Control Systems: Do away with the traditional lock and key systems and install the new modern secure state of the art magnetic locks. The magnetic locks are intelligent and give unmatched strength of protection.

Card Access Systems and Readers: Card Access systems are convenient, easy to use and provide a high level of security, giving varying levels of access for different persons.

Delayed Egress: Our security systems help prevent the ability of unauthorized persons to leave the building, increasing their chances of catching them by the authorities as they try to make their way out.

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Our experienced security developers understand that when it comes to security matters, information is very important. Our main objective is to keep our customers informed, connected and always in control of people who can access their property at what time. Our success in maintaining customer relationships and adapting new technologies has given us the opportunity to serve thousands of customers in Tampa, FL for over a decade.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you look forward to taking your premises security to the next level. Our highly experienced and trained representatives will always be on the standby, ready to take on your security issues. It is our interest to match your security needs with the features you need in an access control system to protect your business, people and customers.

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Fingerprint Security

Reproducing fingerprints is very difficult. In case an employee quits the organization; they are just removed from the system. The access to a certain office cannot be shared as employees have different physical identities. For this system, a fingerprint scanner is installed. The system is highly secure and helps evade problems of lost or duplicated keys.

Key Fobs, Smart Cards, & Key Cards

A substitute for access card entry system in which they function the same but the good thing is it can be easily attached to key rings, they are pocket-sized, they have an in-built authentication system that either grants or denies access to a specific facility.

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Get instant notifications on Object Detection, Object Removal, Intrusion Detection, and Motion Detection.

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Our technology we use can notify you anytime day or night.

Motion Sensors


This detects physical movement on a gadget or within its surroundings. It has the capability of detecting kinetic or physical movements in real time. Access Control Tampa FL does not adopt a cutout strategy to security contracts, we set aside time to become more acquainted with our clients and help them plan a system that will work for their property.

User Friendly Gadgets

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Key Cards

Key Cards Can Make Easy Access for Employees – these can detect a user from up to 20ft away!

Key Pads

If you’d rather have a keypad than key cards we can make it happen! Keypads are a great way to keep anyone out!

Bio Metrics

For even more secure premisses we can install Bio-Metric Hand Readers for ultimate access control!

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